The Centurion Agency

Look We Have Powers

Players present (Balwin, Mike C, Mike C Jr, Stabbity, Lightspeedx1 and Mike M [via Skype]) – 1 power point awarded to the players.

September 2, 2015 – Really late at night.

While Simms told them the tale, everyone closely watch his reactions as he answered questions to see if he was telling them the truth and all could tell he was being honest. Conan though noticed that it was extremely harder than normal to read his reactions.

After finding out that they no longer needed to worry about someone hunting them, they went to retrieve their vehicles. The group found that all of their vehicles were right where they had left them.

After checking out their vehicles for tracking devices, bombs or whatever, all but Krash headed back to the office. Krash went by his house to check his laptop and then decided to sleep at his place.

When the rest of the group decided to sleep for the night, Mick dropped Twitch off at his house and then headed for Trish’s place. Twitch called Trish once he was inside his place and got her to come over to his place.

Chance headed home.

Danny headed home.

Conan read the autopsy report of Kerr and found that the report states that he was beaten to death. Once he completes reading the report, he goes to sleep on the couch in his office.

Mick arrives at Trish’s place to find she’s not there. He gives her a call and she tells him that she’s gone out with the girls and won’t be home till later.

Mick takes a shower and then goes to sleep.

September 3rd, 2015

Mick talks with Trish once she get’s to the office, asking where she was last night. She tells him she was out and had her work clothes with her.

Everyone but Twitch shows up at the office at the normal time. Twitch shows up around noon.

Twitch calls everyone into the conference room to discuss what is happening to them. Twitch remind everyone that all of them might not survive the procedure as Simms had warned them previously.

It’s business as usual for the party.

September 4th, 2015

Another day of business as usual for the party, they do not investigate the Kerr case at all, just continue to wait for the phone call from Simms.

September 5th, 2015

Phillip Hess finally calls Chance back and sets up a meeting with him. He comes to the agency office. Conan gives Hess one of the urine samples for him to have the FBI check out.

Chance tells Hess that the sample needs to be checked by the FBI to find out if their lab was processing it correctly. Something came back odd on the sample and he doesn’t want to influence the result.

Twitch asks if Hess has heard of any odd things happening in the subway.

Simms calls Chance soon after Hess leaves and tells him the group needs to head to Hawthorne, NY.

The group arrives at the complex and are let through the gate by the guards. They drive around to the entrance that they have been told to go to.

Simms greets them and escorts them to a secure lab.

The party enters the lab where they see a number of technicians and Nebula, plus various pieces of equipment that they don’t recognize. There are six human sized chambers in the room which stand open waiting for the members of the group.

Mick suggests that one of them should enter the chamber first and go through the process and suggests it’s Danny.

Danny goes through the process, experiencing a lot of pain, but doesn’t really notice any change once his is finished and comes out of the chamber.

The rest of the group enters the chambers. Krash, Chance and Conan experience a lot of pain, so much so that Krash and Chance scream out. Conan weathers the pain in silence.

After they have completed the process, the technicians in the lab scan the party and begin to reveal their powers to them.

The group goes to an empty warehouse in the facility and takes several hours to learn about their abilities. At one point, Conan heads for orbit.



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