The Centurion Agency

Mick and Krash Catch Up!

Players present (Balwin, Mike C, Mike C Jr, Stabbity, Lightspeedx1 and Mike M [via Skype]) – 1 power point awarded to the players.

September 1, 2015

Mick & Krash wake up in a parking garage in one of the agency SUVs. Mick checks the SUV and then starts it up to turn on the A/C. Looking around, Mick sees the other agency SUV and Krash realizes that they are in the parking garage of his apartment building.

Mick checks the other SUV, finds out that no one is in it.

Mick calls Trish to find out what is happened, is informed that the rest of the team has been looking for them and not found them as of yet. Then he calls Conan.

At the same time, Trish calls Conan again, who manages to get through before Mick and tells Conan that Mick just called her.

While Mick talks with Conan, Twitch calls Krash and tells him they are in his apt.

Mick & Krash head to Krash’s apt.

Once there, Krash hacks into the garage’s security cameras and gets the feed to see what’s on them. He notices nothing out of the ordinary accept a slight skip around 12 midnight.

Twitch fills in Mick & Krash on the events of yesterday that the rest of the group dealt with.

Conan contacts Hacksaw to further investigate the insect molecules in his urine sample.

Conan suggests they contact the FBI.

Chance contacts his FBI contact, to meet with him but the contact can’t meet with him until Saturday, September 5th.

Krash checks the backups of his videos and finds a blip in the video.

The group decides to head to the burned down warehouse.

Conan searches the internet for anything concerning Fukushima, Japan and Tianjin, China explosion while on the way to the warehouse. Upon viewing the Tianjin explosion, the party shows shock and dismay at the explosion. Any photos viewed of the aftermath are blurry like the Fukushima explosion.

At the warehouse, they see some police manning a barricade surrounding and some 12 men in hazmat suits cleaning up a place in the warehouse near the water side of the property. There are 4 plain black vans near the barricaded area.

Twitch sneaks over to a van and attaches a tracer to the wheel well.

Conan watches the area with binoculars.

Danny goes to swim in the Hudson to the shore side of the warehouse.

Chance decides to approach the officers at the same time Twitch heads over to a police officer as well. After a short conversation, with Twitch helping, Chance manages to talk his way past the barricade under the pretenses of being a pair of insurance investigators.

Danny is very sneaky in his swimming toward the warehouse.

Mick scans the area with binoculars gets the license plate of one of the vans and has Trish run the plate.

Conan scans the area with binoculars and also gets a license plate of one of the other vans and has Trish also run it.

Krash checks the internet to find out the owner of the warehouse.

Twitch checks the warehouse with Chance looking at the ruins. Among the ruins, Chance finds 3 pieces of debris, a strange badly damages pipe with an odd attachment at one end, a portion of a helmet and a piece of insect shell. Twich notices what appears to be dried blood on the ground near where Chance has found the helmet piece.

Krash gets the name of the warehouse owner, Mathew Achenbach. The warehouse is listed as being empty.

While inspecting the debris, Chance notices some small pebbles on the ground begin to vibrate and dust begin to fall.

Conan and Mick also notice this while scanning the area.

As Danny exits the water, he notices the water rippling away from the shore and some pebbles also dancing on the ground.

Chance and Twitch hear a shout from the direction of the Hazmat suited crew and two break off from the rest of the group, shouldering weapons and moving toward them.

As they close on the two, a portion of the concrete floor about 30 feet in front of the two Hazmat team members begins to crack and buckle upward.

Chance, Twitch, Conan, Danny and Mick all hear the cracking of the concrete.

A hole opens up in the floor and almost immediately, the two Hazmat suited men open fire on something that the party cannot see. A scream breaks the silence as they witness the shots from the blaster rifles striking some unseen creature.

Chance is overcome by the sound and falls to his hands and knees in a fit of retching. Twitch and Conan are nauseated and unbalanced by the sound but manage to remain standing. Danny and Mick feel a slight disorientation that passes.

As the two open up on the unseen creature, two other of the Hazmat team also move forward and Danny tries to sneak up on the rest of the group who are hanging back.

Twitch picks up Chance and begins to move in the direction of where the rest of the agency team is at. Danny is noticed by one of the Hazmat team who points his weapon at Danny, telling him to leave the area as there is a hazardous waste problem.

Krash notices that Danny has been spotted and begins moving toward him to help, while Mick has retrieved one of the video cameras and is filming the firefight.

The agency team notices that something cuts through the Hazmat suit of one of the combatants and the second pair of troopers has opened fire on a second unseen creature.

Danny not leaving and mentioning the firefight which is only a few feet away from the other group of Hazmat troopers, get’s told by the trooper watching him that there is no firefight going on and that the trooper believes he has been exposed to hazardous waste and needs to be detained. Danny follows the trooper’s instruction to get down on the ground.

Krash begins to head toward Twitch who continues to carry Chance toward the edge of the warehouse. Conan notices that the cops are watching whatever is happening but are not intervening.

Mick get’s into the SUV and while pointing the camera in the direction of the firefight, begins to drive toward Krash, Twitch and Chance, who has recovered from his nausea and has been put down by Twitch. Mick tells Conan that he is leaving, so Conan begins to follow Mick.

Danny get’s into a runner’s start position and then launches himself at the trooper. The trooper manages to get a shot off at Danny as Danny hits him with a martial arts kick. Danny ends up unconscious on top of the trooper.

As Krash, Twitch and Chance get into the SUV, the agency team notices that one of the troopers is down, but the other three are now concentrating fire on only one unseen creature.

Mick turns the SUV in the direction of where Danny lies, after having been pulled off of the trooper. As the SUV gains speed, it becomes obvious to the team that both creatures are no longer a threat. As the troopers notice that the two black SUVs are barring down on them, they open fire.

Mick manages to swerve enough to keep the damage from the blasters to a minimum. Twitch, assisted by Chance grabs Danny as the SUV races past his location, scattering the troopers out of the way.

Once exiting the warehouse proper, the team breaks through the police barricade and begins a hasty retreat, receiving a few bullet holes in the back of the SUVs.

The team begins to head for the airport hanger, Conan notices that there are four police cars chasing them. But as they close on the trailing SUV, about five minutes later, they suddenly turn off their lights and stop pursuit.

Krash makes backups of all data collected at the warehouse, then has Mick drop him off one block away from his apartment.

Krash goes to his apartment, get’s information on which insurance agency the warehouse owner was using, destroys his phone, picks up his spare phone, then hides this data in the cloud. He leaves his laptop at his apt. Once he has chance clothes, set up a camera to monitor his place, he then get’s on his motorcycle, heading for the agreed upon mall at which the team plans to meet later.

Mick and Conan head toward the Lincoln tunnel, where Danny get’s out of Mick’s SUV, carrying one of the camera simm cards, which he hides in the tunnel. Then he gets into Conan’s SUV as they head for the mall. The rest of the team has also shut off their phones, destroying them and leaving the remains in various places.

Mick drops Chance off at a subway entrance in Harlem, then heads for the mall.

Chance buys a pack of gum, removes a stick, then places the second simm card in the wrapper and hides the wrapper in one of the advertisement poster cases in the subway station.

Boarding a train, Chance heads to one end of the train a sits in a seat at the very end. At the 3rd stop of the train, a large good looking blond man boards the train and sits in the seat opposite Chance and begins to read the paper. At the very next station, Chance get’s out of the train, heads back one car and re-boards the train.

Once the train leaves the station, the blond man enters the car that Chance is on and sits right beside him this time, resuming his paper. He explains to Chance that the team is attracting too much attention to themselves, but he is confident that they can follow the clues and figure out what is going on. But that they should do so in a quieter manner.

As the man gets up to leave, chance follows him out onto the subway platform and after a little bit more discussion, asks the man his name. The man introduces himself as Mr. Simms. Then the man heads up toward street level.

Chance then continues to the mall.

Mick and Twitch park the SUV in a restaurant across the street from the mall.

Conan and Danny park their SUV in the most inconspicuous spot at the mall.

Krash arrives at the mall, spotting Mick’s SUV, parks in a lot across the road as well, but not the same restaurant that Mick parked in.

Mick buys two new shirts, jackets and ball caps for himself and Twitch at the mall, makes cash purchases only.

Twitch goes to each of the three cell phone kiosks in the mall to buy six burner phones, makes cash purchases only. He also buys clothes.

Chance buys a hoodie, makes cash purchases only.

Danny buys clothes, making cash purchases only.

The team members sit at different tables in the food court, with Danny going to sit with total strangers who get up and move away from the table.

Krash sits on the other side of the food court from the team. After writing his new phone number down on a receipt, he drops the receipt off on Mick’s table. Krash has removed the simm card from his cell and is currently only using the mall’s wifi.

Twitch drops/gives one of the burner phones to Mick, attracting some attention from the nearby tables.

Mick enters Krash’s phone number in the new phone then drops the receipt into Twitch’s shopping bag.

Twitch places a phone on his table, Chance walks by the table, picking up the phone and says Jonathan Alexander Simms. Twitch places another phone on the table.

Danny also walks by and picks up a phone. Danny notices a security guard watching them from the side of the food court.

Conan watches the group from further away in the food court, making notes about the group’s actions.

Mick heads to the Sears in the mall to get a flat head and Phillips head screw driver. He goes outside, finds 3 similar mini vans, takes the plates off of the mini vans and switches them around. Boosts one of the mini vans.

Twitch heads to the restroom, Krash follows after. In the currently empty restroom, Twitch and Krash occupy side by side stalls. Twitch gives Krash one of the pre-pay phones and mentions the name of Simms.

Krash get’s rid of his spare phone for the pre-paid one that Twitch has given him. Using just the wifi, Krash recognizing the name, checks on Simms.

The team finally get together in the mini van. They share notes on Simms, finding out that he is the owner/CEO of a Fortune 500 technology company.

The team then heads to a motel that has a parking garage. Checking in the the motel, they pay cash and get two adjoining rooms.

Mick goes to a convenience store to get beer for Twitch and a Metro phone for himself.

Mick calls Trish at home, gives her the new contact information for them. Asks if their blood work had come in and has her wire them $600.

Everyone goes to sleep for the night.



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