The Centurion Agency

The Truth Is Revealed

Players present (Balwin, Mike C, Mike C Jr, Stabbity, Lightspeedx1 and Mike M [via Skype]) – 1 power point awarded to the players.

September 2, 2015

Mick asks the group if they noticed that there was new concrete at the warehouse, where the creatures broke through the previous day.

Twitch questioned that if the creatures could burrow, wouldn’t they have just burrowed up somewhere else?

Twitch calls Trish, which Krash bounces the call through a number of different satellites.

Trish tells them there is a new report on the news of another chemical spill which has happened at the warehouse on the previous day.

Chance turns on the TV and begins surfing the various channels to view the news reports.

Mick heads out to look for cars to steal the license plates from in the same fashion that he had done the previous day.

Krash continues his investigation of Paul King and finds out that he was on the Department of Defense Subcommittee and was also involved with Homeland Security.

Conan talks with Hacksaw about their infection. Hacksaw tells Conan that the same free roaming molecule is in each of the blood samples he received from the group.

Twitch calls Will Smith to get him to meet for lunch at the Player’s Club.

Chance and Mick go to a used car dealership. Chance asks for the manager of the lot.

Mick dumps the van from the night before while Chance talks with the manager.

Chance convinces the manager that they are making a movie and gets the manager to let them use a vehicle from his lot in return for advertising in the movie.

The party heads to the Player’s Club for lunch, except for Mick who stays in the van and meets with Will.

Will says that the picture the party gave him was not believed by his scientist friend, James Delgado. Twitch gives Will the bug piece that they recovered at the warehouse.

Chance suggests going into the subway to see if the tunnel that came into the warehouse area connects to the subway.

The party goes to where Senator King’s meeting is at the UN.

Chance tells the senator’s handlers that he has an employer who wants to meet with the senator.

Chance, Twitch and Danny meet with the senator and when they do, get a feeling of Deja Vu, that they have met the senator before. While looking around, Danny notices something odd about the senator but can’t quite put a finger on what that oddness is.

Danny tells this to Chance, but Chance doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Continuing his research in the van, Krash has found a connection between Simms and the senator.

Mick sends the information to Chance about the connection in a text, which Danny notices.

As the party is leaving the UN, Danny yells out a comment about the connection between the senator and Simms.

That night there is a news report about the connection between Simms and King that was mentioned anonymously at the UN.

Krash contacts a forum searching for information about what happened to Kerr.

The party goes to visit Kimberly Kerr and she tells them that she as never hired the agency and has never met them. Her husband is dead and has been for a month or so, which is why she would never had hired them.

After some more questioning of her, she gets upset with the party, Chance tries to calm her down and finally gives her his card and asks her if she remembers anything to call him.

Conan calls Trish and asks about the contract they had with Kerr. Then asks for Trish to get a copy of the autopsy of Daniel Kerr.

Twitch goes back to Kimberly’s door and asks her if she has a sister, to which she answers no.

The party then heads to the subway. Mick parks the van in Brian Park. The party weapons up and heads to the subway.

Mick stays back 5 to 10 feet from the rest of the party.

The party heads into the subway and rides to a stop near the warehouse.

Do a closed section of the subway, they find a tunnel in the ceiling of the tunnel and another in the wall. A new concrete plug can be seen up the tunnel closer to the surface above.

The party enters the tunnel in the wall. After walking 90 feet, curving to the left then right, the tunnel finally turns downward in a drop of 150 feet. The party climbs down and the opening exits into the top of a tunnel running horizontally in two directions.

The party heads to the left in the horizontal tunnel. After walking 100 feet down this tunnel, the party feels a rush of air and something unseen runs over/past the party.

The party continues 400 feet further down the tunnel which opens into a large chamber. Looking around the chamber, the party only sees some orb like shapes toward the middle of the chamber (which the party dubs as eggs), but while they see nothing else, they hear numerous things moving around in the tunnel.

After a hushed conversation, the party decides to head into the chamber to further investigate the orb shapes. As the party heads into the chamber, Chances phone begins to ring. Quickly silencing the phone, he notices that he has no service but answers anyway. The party notices that the movement in the chamber has ceased.

Simms asks Chance if he has a death wish and tells him that the party needs to stop investigating the chamber. Chance wants to know why, to which Simms tells him to meet at the Castle Clinton National Monument later that night.

At the correct time, the party approaches the monument and spots Simms sitting on a bench. Beside him is an odd mechanical device which none of the party recognizes. As the party gets close to him, they notice that an odd background ‘white’ noise effect that they had been hearing but not noticed suddenly stops.

Simms explains to the party everything about the Cimex invasion, including the fact that they each had a specific genetic marker which would allow a Cimex royal to be hosted in their bodies and that they had originally been infected when they were sent to the warehouse to check on Kerr, after they had received that location from Senator King.

King had visited the warehouse earlier prior to Kerr and had been successfully infected by a Cimex royal. King had earlier sent Kerr to the warehouse when Kerr came to him while investigating the invasion.

It was found out that Kerr had been infected by members of Shield and the attempt to remove the parasite ended up in Kerr’s death. But the information gained in that attempt allowed Simms to come up with a method for successfully removing the parasites from infected hosts as long as the infection hadn’t progressed to far.

Fortunately for the party, the location of that Cimex layer was found out just prior to their entry, an assault was staged against the warehouse by Shield and a few heroes and the party was rescued soon after implantation. This allowed Simms to remove the parasites, but the infection had triggered latent genes which would cause them to gain super human powers.

Simms could have altered the party’s DNA back prior to the trigger, but felt that it would be better to allow the change to happen and also he theorized that one or more of them would gain the ability to find Cimex installations and allow the remaining creatures to be hunted and destroyed.

Simms also began to work with Nebula to come up with a way to remove the advanced parasite from the senator and save his life, but wanted to study the changes occurring in the party first to come up with a safe method for the senator.

After learning they were changing, the party was asked if they wished to let the change progress at it’s normal speed or if they wished for Simms to speed up the change.

All but Mick chose to attempt the process, so Simms told them to give him a few days to ready the equipment and personnel and once he was ready, would inform them of where to meet.



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