The Centurion Agency

Time To Pay Our Dues

Players present (Balwin, Mike C, Mike C Jr, Stabbity and Lightspeedx1) – 1 power point awarded to the players.

September 6th, 2015

The locations of the two known Cimex towers are revealed to the group, and they are also told about where the two other towers might be. But while it is known there are two others, the search areas are too large to provide a reasonable chance of success.

Krash uses his ability to hear and detect the direction of radio waves to attempt to find the location of the two missing Cimex broadcast towers but realizes that the closest one which is already known in Wisconsin is overriding his search.

A request is made for Simms to build a device that will enhance Krash’s abilities. After some initial work, it is determined that a device can be built, but it will take 40 hours to complete.

The group heads to Easter Island via their plane, with Conan staying behind in the office to practice with his new found powers.

September 7th, 2015

The group rents a boat on Easter Island that should enable them to reach the target search area and perform a successful search.

While several members of the group prepare the boat, loading supplies and what not, Twitch starts straightening a couple of the statue heads on the island.

Krash decides to check for the Cimex signal and since he is much closer to the tower, picks up the signal to the west.

Chance decides to check out the populace for odd thought patterns. At some point, he picks up the thoughts of one of the natives who is excited that magically some of the heads have straightened up on the island.

Final load out for the boat, 2 times the amount of fuel the group determines will take to search the area in question, enough food and drink for that entire time, fishing rods, reals, nets, etc that would be needed for a fishing trip.

Twitch tells Danny to run back to New York for the purpose of picking up the device that Simms is developing for Krash. During his run back to New York, Danny passes through Mexico, where he is spotted as a blur, and causes some damage due to the sonic wave following behind him. He then continues through Florida, Georgia (where he is again spotted), South and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland (where he is again spotted), Delaware, New Jersey and New York.

Upon running up to the Simms Technologies facility in Hawthorne, Danny runs over the fence and up to the front doors to knock. As he crosses the fence, he suddenly hears the sound of an alarm sounding. Inside the lobby of the building, he sees a frantic receptionist on the phone and very quickly a number of guards begin to start heading his way.

He then runs up to the roof of the building and waits till the guards come outside. After a short conversation with the guards, where he is told to come down and surrender, he runs back outside the fence and with hands in the air, stops a short distance from the gate house.

As the guards approach him, he says he surrenders and wants to talk with Mr. Simms. One of the gate guards gets on the phone and moments later, motions Danny to come talk on the phone.

Danny can tell Simms is exasperated during his conversation and Simms finally tells Danny that the device isn’t quite ready yet, that they are having issues with it. He also tells Danny that when he heads back to where he came from, to be less conspicuous.

Danny then heads back by way of the Atlantic Ocean, crossing through a smaller less inhabited are of Central America.

Moments after Danny leaving Hawthorne, Chance’s phone begins to ring. It’s Simms and he mentions what Danny has been doing to Chance who apologizes to Simms.

September 8th, 2015

With a completely outfitted boat, the group heads west.

After 10 hours of travel, Krash determines that they have covered about half of the distance to the tower.

At 15 hours out from Easter Island, Krash notices that they are getting much closer to the place, figures they are within about 5 hours of the tower. All during the day, Chance has kept a look out to the west for the tower. After dark, Twitch takes over.

At about 19 hours from Easter Island, Krash notices that they are within 20 to 30 miles from the tower.

Mick flies out ahead, using his sound nullification ability to keep radar and sonar from picking him up. Eventually he spots at flashing light toward the top of the tower, about 500 feet up. As he gets a little closer, he finally can make out the shape of the tower on Henderson Island.

Returning to the boat, the group then tries to determine the location of the island and does determine that it is Henderson Island.

Mick nullifies the sound around the boat and they continue toward the island.

When they get to within a mile and a half from the island, they stop and begin to examine the tower and the island. All of the group except Krash manages to see the Cimex bugs, including a before unseen flier type in the air and on the ground of the island.

Chance reaches out with his mind abilities and connects with the mind of a flier. He picks up no individual/intelligent thought, just instinct. But after being connected with the bug for a few minutes, he suddenly realizes that it has become aware of the invading mind and he begins to seek out that mind. Chance immediately severs the link and suggests that the party leave the area.

The group turns the boat around and heads back to Easter Island. Krash sends the information about the tower including the location back to Simms.

September 9th, 2015

The group arrives back on Easter Island. Simms communicates to Krash info received and thanks.

The group begins to plan for their trip to the last tower.

Twitch get’s a nagging thought in the back of his mind to go and return the heads to their previous positions!

They contact Simms as to whether the device is completed and are told that it will be delivered to them. A short while later, the group hears a fairly quiet sonic boom from the north end of the island and are informed that the package is there. Twitch goes out to retrieve it and finds Nebula there with the package.

After taking the package from Nebula, he begins to head back to the group while Nebula takes of over the ocean, going supersonic shortly after.

The group takes off toward New Zealand, with Twitch reducing the weight of the plane so that Mick can take off only using half of the run way. They fly the plan at a reduced weight, speeding up their flight speed to 700 mph, staying subsonic since the plane’s air frame would not be able to handle the stress.

6 hours later, they arrive in New Zealand, landing normally. They refuel and then take off again for Perth, with Twitch again lightening the plane.

4 and 1/2 hours later they land in Perth, refueling again and taking off in the direction of the tower.

3 and 1/2 hours later, they fly the plane over the area of the tower and spot it. Again they send the information to Simms and are again thanked for their work.



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