The Centurion Agency

What Happened Last Week?

Players present (Balwin, Mike C, Mike C Jr and Mike M [via Skype]) – 1 power point awarded to the players.

Current Date: August 31, 2015

Chance Parker, Conan Cole, Danny Ducas and Twitch Malone all wake up in one of the agency’s SUVs parked under the George Washington bridge, with no memory of how they got there or of the events of the last week.

Each of them checked to make sure their items were still on them and also checked their arms and neck to see if there was any sign of injection sites to explain their unconscious state and lack of memory.

Conan got out of the SUV and began to check the area for activity, noting that the only tracks in sight appeared to have been from their SUV, no one appeared to have been following them, at least in the area near the SUV.

Twitch called the office to speak with Trish, the receptionist to get an update of what was going on that day. Trish asked him how the security conference had gone that the group had attended out in Las Vegas. After a brief conversation with Trish, he got out and began spending the next hour checking out the SUV, looking for tracking devices and general condition of the vehicle. His search revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

Chance got out and approached several of the homeless the group had spotted nearby and began to ask them questions about their arrival. Had the individuals been there when the SUV drove up? Had they noticed if there were any other vehicles accompanying the SUV? Had anyone gotten out of the SUV? What time did they arrive? After sufficient incentives, (a bribe of cash), the homeless individuals told Chance that they had arrived around midnight, alone and they had simply shut off their engine and just sat there.

Danny went to check for any security cameras that were focused on the park entrance or in the park to see if there was a recording of the SUV entering the park. He found that a few apartment buildings had cameras pointing in that general direction and managed to talk (a bribe of cash) a security officer into letting him look at the tape. Starting from about 11:00 the night before, he did spot the SUV entering the park around 11:30, with no other vehicles in evidence.

Meanwhile, Conan called the office to find out if there was any activity on the police scanner at that time. Unfortunately no one was in the office and the calls on their scanner are not recorded.

Having finished up with the homeless and feeling a little fatigued, Chance told the group that he was going to get coffee from any nearby coffee shops. Twitch called out for Chance to bring him back a scone!

The group also attempted to contact Jackson “Mick” McMillan and Krash having noticed that they were not around and had not contacted the office. Attempts to reach their cell phones went unanswered.

Before leaving the area, Conan opened up the evidence kit kept in the SUV and proceeded to get a urine sample. Afterward, he called Trish to set up an appointment to have the sample tested, paying extra for an immediate processing request.

The group decided to head to the Terboro Executive Airport, where they store their jet to check for any information that would validate they had indeed gone to Vegas.

While on the way to the airport, Trish called back Conan and informed him where to stop to drop off the sample for analysis, picking a lab that was along their travel route.

Upon arriving at the airport, Twitch had Conan drop him off at the Federal Aviation building so that he could check on information about their flight plan. Having checked the flight plan, Twitch saw that nothing out of the ordinary occurred while flying back from Vegas. He then spoke with the Federal officials to determine if anything odd had happened at the airport.

Once at the hanger, Conan checked out the inside of the plane, looking for anything out of the ordinary. After a 30 minutes to an hour, he notices nothing out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, Chance and Danny search through the recordings of the security cameras on the hanger. The video shows them arriving getting into their SUVs and leaving the hanger/airport. But Chance notices that about 10 minutes before the plane arrives, the video in the recording jumps as if it skipped? Chance suspects something has been done and checks the digital recording for tampering. He doesn’t find any evidence.

After noticing an odd feeling in his lower back, Conan removes his clothes and feels something on his lower back, but can’t get a good look at what ever is there. Asks Danny to come check out his lower back. Danny looks at his lower back, making sure to block his view of Conan’s ass, which causes him not notice anything about that spot.

Conan has Chance take a picture of his lower back and after inspecting the picture, notices that there is indeed a scar there. The rest of the group inspects their own backs and finds the same scar on each of them. They also notice that the scars while looking very clean, do not appear to be made with a scalpel, appearing instead like a single claw or fang mark. There is also no sign of staples or sutures used to close the wound. Finally, the scar is around 1 week old.

Conan calls Trish and has her set up an appointment with Hacksaw, Dr. Frank Reilly, to have him check the scars of the group members.

The group attempts to find out where the Mick and Krash’s vehicle is at, but they find out that the SUV’s GPS is turned off as well as their phones.

The group heads to the agency offices to continue their investigation. While eating lunch, they begin to review the information they have gathered.

Chance notices on a news report update on a recent warehouse fire that there appears to be the agency SUVs in the background of the video. He contacts Kathryn Davis, a news reporter that he knows and get’s her to send over the original raw video.

They have David Williams, one of the agency’s techs review the video from the airplane hanger. Dave does find the glitch in the video and does confirm that their is something ‘wrong’ with the file, but can’t determine what that something is.

Twitch has Trish check out the most recent supermarket news rags for any information on appearances of the ‘Men in Black’, alien abductions, strange encounters, etc.

The raw video from the news report arrives and they put David on the job of reviewing the video.

Twitch has Jill Yuhas, the agency’s other tech, review the video from the airplane hanger from a week ago, about the time the SUVs were in the background of the news report. Jill doesn’t notice anything odd about the footage, but confirms that the SUVs are present at the hanger.

David reviews the news footage with the group, which shows that agency SUVs are at both the warehouse as well as the hanger, or at least so it appears as both sets of SUvs have the same license plates as well as the same appearance.

Trish reports her findings from the supermarket rags to the group and there has been a reported increase of MiB activity in Manhattan in the past 2 weeks and also in Tianjin, China around August 13th. The reporter on these stories is Will Smith.

Twitch has Trish set up an appointment with Mr Smith and the group set for 9:00 P.M. that night at the Player’s Club, stating that the group has a few leads to give him concerning MiBs.

The group then goes to visit Hacksaw at their appointment time for him to inspect them. He x-rays each of the group as well as giving them a physical exam and taking samples for a tox screen. The results of the physical exam are that it looks like the scar is from an animal wound, but from a single claw, which he states to the group that it looks like nothing he has ever seen before.

The results from the x-rays are negative, no items found or damage. A preliminary tox screen results are negative for any toxins. It will take him about a day to complete the entire tox screen testing.

Danny has a runner from the agency go over to the plane to retrieve the groups luggage as it should be either in the plane’s cargo hold or in the other SUV and since they can’t find the other SUV, they decide on checking the cargo hold.

Around 7:00 P.M., the runner calls Danny and asks if he is messing with him. When Danny is confused as to what the runner is talking about, the runner points out that there is no luggage in the cargo hold, even sending a picture to Danny proving what he’s talking about. Danny has the runner go home.

At 9:00 P.M. the group arrives at the Player’s Club and meets with Mr. Smith. Will tells the group what he knows about the MiBs, including that their main base is located near Roswell, NM and that they have another secret base located below the Statue of Liberty in NY.

The group shares the information they have with Will, showing him pictures from the news report of the warehouse fire which shows black Hummers in the area.

The group then decides to go to the Tech’s apartment to review the files he stores there, which should be untouched by any tampering.

After reviewing the files, they find out that they were hired by a Kimberly Kerr, whose husband has been missing for a while. The police stopped investigating the disappearance after determining Kerr had run away with his assistant. Strangely, the group does not remember the interview with Mrs. Kerr.

They also look at information she provided them from Mr. Kerr, files showing that the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident looking more like a war zone rather than a nuclear plant melt down. Kerr’s pictures included pieces of a exoskeleton that looked like a large piece of insect chitin, parts of military vehicles, including insignia.

Realizing it is late at night, the group decides to sleep at the Techies apartment.

September 1, 2015

Trish calls the party in the morning.

Twitch asks her to check for a record of the investigation of the Kerr case and she can’t find anything in their system relating to it. While on the phone, she mentions that Conan’s urinalysis has come back. They have her read the results to them over the phone and she states that the only oddity of note was that there was evidence of the molecule N-acetylglucosamine, which is commonly found in the chitin of insects and crustaceans and also used to treat autoimmune disease in humans.


That was great start to the game. Lots of interesting investigation so far, and quite a bit of creativity in the twists and turns that we took.

What Happened Last Week?

I agree that it was a great start to the game. Lots of twists will continue and I’m hoping the final result will be really enjoyable for the players!

What Happened Last Week?

It was very cool. We all did a really good job!!

What Happened Last Week?

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