The Centurion Agency

New York City’s Premier Full Service Private Investigators

Located in West Village, in Manhattan, New York, The Centurian Agency is a full service, professional private investigation agency providing professional investigations and related services to attorneys, corporations, small businesses and the general public throughout the Manhattan area, the State of New York, and nationwide.

Our highly trained and experienced private investigators are available to meet all your investigative needs, whether for surveillance on a cheating spouse, finding a missing person, criminal or civil investigations or in-depth background checks for pre-employment or pre-marital purposes.

Our Professional Private Investigations Include

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Civil Litigation Support
  • Routine Surveillance
  • Hidden Asset Searches
  • Background Investigations
  • Satellite Surveillance
  • Fraud and Workman’s Comp.
  • Child & Spouse Locates
  • Marine Investigations
  • General Investigations
  • Undercover Work
  • Executive Protection

Please see our Investigations and Services Page for more detailed information.

All investigations are handled by licensed New York State Private Investigators with discretion, complete confidentiality and in a timely manner.

For more information or to speak with one of our investigators, call today!

Manhattan Local Phone (212) 843-7474
Statewide, national and international services available.

This is for a role playing game and is not a real private investigations agency!

The Centurion Agency

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