The Centurion Agency

The Centurion Agency

The start (August 31, 2015)

You are part of a successful, private investigation agency, based in Manhattan, NY. You are each equal partners in the business, with one of your number being the founding partner (the choice of who is up to the players and should be chosen before we start). The reason one of you needs to be the founding partner is in case there needs to be an executive decision during the game, there needs to be a defacto party leader, plus it would make sense for a business situation.

State of the world – This is Earth, circa 2015. It could easily be our Earth with the following differences. The terror attacks and subsequent war on terror that occurred on September 11 never happened on this world. The Twin Towers still stand and New York City is the same as it was prior to our September 11 attacks.

The supermarket tabloids, National Enquirer and Weekly World News tell of strange sightings, UFO abductions, poltergeists, etc. While there is no physical proof that these reports are true and been proven, you have seen enough odd occurrences in your time, that you suspect that the true isn’t far off.

All of you have heard rumors of a secret elite group, either part of the U.S. government or an International group that handles such situations as reported by the supermarket tabloids. A group of “Men In Black”, though none of you have ever seen anything even resembling the possibility that such an organization exists, even those of you who have security clearances.

You are all members of a private detective agency, The Centurian Agency. It is a very successful firm located in West Village, Manhattan, New York.
Your agency is successful enough to have a modest office staff to handle the day to day routine of running the business, freeing the partners to do what they like most, perform investigations.

You also own a couple of black Ford Expeditions, a couple of black Chrysler 300s— and a Learjet 85.

Your firm focuses on executive protection assignments, missing persons’ investigations and routine surveillance.



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