Criminal Gear


All equipment costs 1 point to purchase, unless otherwise noted.

Item Description
Handcuffs Handcuffs are restraints designed to lock two limbs – normally the wrists – of a prisoner together. They fit any medium or small humanoid. Handcuffs can only be placed on a defenseless or unresisting target. Steel cuffs have Toughness 9 and are DC 20 to escape using Sleight of Hand (or Technology to pick the lock).
Lock Release Gun This small, pistol-like device automatically disables and opens cheap and average mechanical locks operated by standard keys as a routine check. It does not affect other locks.
Restraints Similar to handcuffs are plastic restraints, used in cases where authorities need to restrain a large number of people and cuffs are impractical. They are generally Toughness 5 or so and DC 20 to escape with Sleight of Hand but cannot be removed by except by cutting or breaking them.
    Color Key
  • Green colored items are available to civilians.
  • Brown colored items are available to retired military personel.
  • Red colored items are illegal and individuals carrying them could be subject to arrest.

SOP Manual

Criminal Gear

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