All equipment costs 1 point to purchase, unless otherwise noted.

Item Description
Camera A digital or film camera for taking still images. Most cameras have a capacity of 24 or 36 images and you can use one in conjunction with the appropriate Expertise skills, such as photography.
Cell Phone A small handheld or headset unit for communication. The battery lasts for approximately 24 hours before it needs to be recharged. For an extra point, a phone can have most of the capabilities of a computer, at least with regard to accessing the Internet and providing data.
Commlink A tiny button-sized device for radio communication with an effective range of about a mile (longer if patched into the cellular network or a similar network). Many hero (and villain) teams use commlinks.
Computer A computer includes keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, modem and other standard peripherals and may include things like a scanner at the GM’s discretion.
Audio Recorder These tiny digital recorders (about the size of a deck of playing cards) can record up to eight hours of audio and can be connected to a computer to download the digital recording.
Video Camera A hand-held camera that records video and audio on tape or digitally, with a capacity of about 6 hours of footage. Video cameras cost 2 points, since they effectively double as audio recorders as well.
    Color Key
  • Green colored items are available to civilians.
  • Brown colored items are available to retired military personel.
  • Red colored items are available to active duty military personel.

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