Survival Gear


All equipment costs 1 point to purchase, unless otherwise noted.

Item Description
Camo Clothing Clothing in the right camouflage pattern for the environment grants a +5 equipment bonus on Stealth checks in that environment. Patterns include foliage, desert, urban and artic.
Flash Goggles These tinted eye-coverings provide protection against blinding light, granting a +5 equipment bonus to resistance checks against visual Dazzle attacks involving bright light.
Flashlight Flashlights negate penalties for darkness within their illuminated areas. The standard flashlight projects a beam 30 feet long and 15 feet across at its end.
Fire Extinguisher This portable apparatus uses a chemical spray to extinguish small fires. The typical fire extinguisher ejects enough extinguishing chemicals to put out a fire in a 10-by-10-foot area as a move action. It contains enough material for two such uses.
Gas Mask This apparatus covers the face and connects to a chemical air filter canister to protect the lungs and eyes from toxic gases. It provides immunity to eye or lung irritants. The filter canister lasts for 12 hours of use.
GPS Global positioning system receivers use signals from GPS satellites to determine the receiver’s location to within a few dozen feet. A GPS receiver grants its user a +5 equipment bonus on checks to navigate, but because the receiver must be able to pick up satellite signals, it generally only works outdoors.
Multi-tool This device contains several different screwdrivers, a knife blade or two, can opener, bottle opener, file, short ruler, scissors, tweezers and wire cutters. The whole thing unfolds into a handy pair of pliers. A multi-tool can lessen the penalty for making skill checks without the appropriate tools to -2 instead of the normal -5. The tool is useful for certain tasks, as determined by the GM, but may not be useful in all situations.
Rebreather A small cylinder that fits over the mouth and provides two minutes (20 rounds) of oxygen, during which the character does not need to make suffication checks.
SCUBA Gear A back-mounted oxygen cylinder and facemask, used for diving. SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) gear provides two hours of oxygen, and characters using it do not need to make checks for suffication unless gear is damaged or disabled.
    Color Key
  • Green colored items are available to civilians.
  • Brown colored items are available to retired military personel.
  • Red colored items are available to active duty military personel.

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Survival Gear

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